19 thoughts on “Our Nation’s Capitol”

  1. They’re both awesome in the true sense of the word. Photos can speak the language words cannot. You were undecided and your vote is split in half, but I bet everyone who voted had just as hard a time choosing as you did. Excellent work.

  2. Both of them are intriguing, however, I think some of the cloud detail gets lost in the B&W version. I could look at the color version’s cloud detailing for a long time.

    1. The clouds are legit. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I did use photoshop to do the HDR rendering, but the clouds where right there behind the capitol building.

  3. I voted for the B&W, but I gotta ask — did you filter for reds before making the conversion? If not, give that a try and see if it makes the clouds pop even more and bring out more detail, as it should darken the skies.

      1. I’d be interested in seeing what you come up with on that tip. Email me if you decide to post it, please.

    1. My wife isn’t a big fan of HDR either, because if the halo effect it can produce. When I edit in HDR now I try to do it without that halo, and she liked a few of those photos

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