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Sand Dunes

I have now been to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in all seasons and at different times of day. It fascinates me how each time has been different. This is what makes Photography interesting to me. No matter how many times you use the same subject matter, you can always find something different.

dunes at Dusk HDR flat Dunes at Sunset flat dunes at Sunset tinted flat


Ghostly Image and Ice

This images were taken on Pi day as well.  Hope everyone has a fabulous Saint Patrick’s Day!!!Icy Edge flat ghostly tree flat


Pi Day Sunrise

blue Shilouette flat blue sunrise flat blurry sunrise flat golden shilouette flat cat tail shilouette flat golden sunrise flat


Tree Stump

tree stump 2 b&w flat tree stump 3 flat tree stump 4 flat tree stump 5 b&w flat tree stump b&w flat tree trunk b&w flat tree sunset flat


Strawberry Splash

I recently purchased a photo magazine, which offered photo projects.  This is my version of one of the projects. I think next time I will need a black background.
HDR Strawberry flat Strawberry Splash flat



Taken with my Galaxy Note 4

Kings and Queens

Kings and queens infrared flat

In the summer of 2005 the wifey and I spent a week and a half in Greece for our Honeymoon.  We took lots of pictures, but they were lost. Either to a corrupt memory card or just lost in the shuffle of one of our moves. Anyway, we only have our memories and this hand made chess set from Santorini.  kings and queens1 flatkings and queens flat


Snowy Rocks

snowy rock BW flat snowy rocks BW flat


Lightning Strikes

Last night on our way back from Colorado Springs from a Marriage Weekend. The weather was weird. In the beginning it was snowing and as we got closer to home it began to Lightning in our valley. I’ve never experienced snow flurries and Lightning before. Quite Weird. Anyway we stopped on the side of the road and attempted to capture some images of lightning. I have to admit that I was quite jealous of my wife’s images, but to see her excitement was PRICELESS!!!lightning flat lightning strike flat Lightning w Car streak flat