Lightning Strikes

Last night on our way back from Colorado Springs from a Marriage Weekend. The weather was weird. In the beginning it was snowing and as we got closer to home it began to Lightning in our valley. I’ve never experienced snow flurries and Lightning before. Quite Weird. Anyway we stopped on the side of the road and attempted to capture some images of lightning. I have to admit that I was quite jealous of my wife’s images, but to see her excitement was PRICELESS!!!lightning flat lightning strike flat Lightning w Car streak flat

4 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes”

  1. Love it! What shutter speed did you use? I’m always so scared I’ll get hit by lightning trying to take photos of lightning- silly I know!

  2. We used a 25 second long exposure. and just hoped that lightning would strike while we were holding the camera. We sat in our car with the windows down, just in case. because the strikes were super close to us.

  3. That last one is simply stunning! Love them all because I’m a sucker for lightning, but that last one….wow.

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