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Ghostly Image and Ice

This images were taken on Pi day as well. ¬†Hope everyone has a fabulous Saint Patrick’s Day!!!Icy Edge flat ghostly tree flat


Lightning Strikes

Last night on our way back from Colorado Springs from a Marriage Weekend. The weather was weird. In the beginning it was snowing and as we got closer to home it began to Lightning in our valley. I’ve never experienced snow flurries and Lightning before. Quite Weird. Anyway we stopped on the side of the road and attempted to capture some images of lightning. I have to admit that I was quite jealous of my wife’s images, but to see her excitement was PRICELESS!!!lightning flat lightning strike flat Lightning w Car streak flat


12.13.14 Sunrise

Blanca Lake of Fire flat Blanca Peak flat lake of fire flat Peachy Morning flat



This morning I went to a local reservoir here in the San Luis Valley. I had everything I needed. I started to take some good shots and my battery died. I was like cool, I can go grab my spare from the camera bag. I replace batteries and low and behold my second battery was DEAD. GROWL!!! There I was was gorgeous views and my camera was out of commission.  All I had left was my phone. Here are a few shots I took before my camera batteries died.

smith reservior sunrise3 smith reservior sunrise2 smith reservior sunrise1 smith reservior sunriseI will post my cell phone pictures a little later.


Fall In San Luis

A couple of weekends ago we drove to the Oldest Town in Colorado. They have an easy hiking trail to a bluff that over looks the tiny little town. Hope you enjoy the fall color.

over looking San luis Fall 2 flat Over Looking San Luis fall flat forever green flat aspen HDR flat over looking San Luis Fall 3 flat






Fall In Acadia part 2

A few more images from my weekend in Acadia National Park.

fall colors beaver lodge flat fall colors blurred flat fall colors flat fall colors HDR flat golden Maple Leaves flat fall colors 4yr old flat


Fall in Acadia part 1

Last weekend I took our four year old to visit my parents in Maine. We took advantage of the remaining fall colors in Acadia National Park.

fall foliage by stream flat fall foliage with bridge flat fall walk with Grandma flat floating leaves flat golden leaves 2 flat Golden leaves HDR flat Leaf of Change flat Red Depth of field flat


A Lone Yellow Tree

lone yellow tree flat


Golden Leaves

golden leaves flat