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Tis the Season

I think this is the earliest we have ever put up a Christmas tree. As I was cleaning the house today I felt in the Christmas mood. Maybe it was all my friends on FB were putting up their trees. I know some luster is lost with an artificial tree, but its so much easier to deal with. Our tiny tree has the lights already on the tree, and we don’t have to remember to water the tree. But I do miss being able to go out and either select a pre-cut tree or going out into the woods to chop one down ourselves. I also miss the SMELL of an evergreen tree. Anyway, I trekked out to the garage to grab our Christmas storage bin, and I let the five and three year old take over. They were so excited!!! They each chose a color¬† and went to town decorating. Each time an ornament went up it was a accompanied by a joyful shriek. They were also dancing to the Christmas music blaring in the background.¬† It was so much fun to watch.

girls decorating flat