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Sand Dunes

I have now been to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in all seasons and at different times of day. It fascinates me how each time has been different. This is what makes Photography interesting to me. No matter how many times you use the same subject matter, you can always find something different.

dunes at Dusk HDR flat Dunes at Sunset flat dunes at Sunset tinted flat

Mesa Verde

The girls and I flew to Cortez, CO yesterday to spend a couple of hours in Mesa Verde National Park. We joined my brother and his wife for part of their road trip from Montana. I visited Mesa Verde about 20 years ago with my parents, and it was fun to experience it with my daughters. They had fun climbing the ladders and checking out the stone houses.

mesa verde sign flat
In Adams family style we always take a picture of the entrance sign, as we are exiting the park.

clif palace black and white
Cliff Palace in Black and White


Daddy and Girls flat
The girls posing with daddy
auntie Karen and Bug flat
Auntie Karen snuggling with the three year old.

Girls and Daddy flat
black and white this time
Clif Palace2 flat
Cliff Palace from across the canyon
clif palace1 flat
About to enter the Cliff Palace
Clif Palace from Above flat
Looking down on Cliff Place


River Rapids in Black and White

rapids b&w flat

“Too many times we stand aside and let the waters slip away, till what we put off till tomorrow has now become today. So don’t you sit upon the shoreline and say you’re satisfied. Choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tide.”

I couldn’t find who this was attributed to.

Three Drowned Rats…

Before moving to Colorado last summer I spent my final weekend in Montana at Glacier National Park. My parents were in town to help drive the moving truck. We drove up to Glacier and hiked to Avalanche Lake in the rain. The guys made the trek while my mother and sister-in-law stayed dry in the van. Chickens!!!! Anyway the hike was fun despite the rain. The only negative about the whole experience was my camera died. I believe it drowned because of all the rain.

drowned rat flat
A Drowned Rat
papa drowned rat flat
The Papa Drowned Rat
brother rat flat
The Brother Drowned Rat
rainy day in glacier flat
Three Drowned Rats at Avalanche Lake

This is the Avalanche Lake I saw. My brother was there a couple of weeks ago. Boy what a difference a little sun makes.


Strolling the Mall

This is really the only mall I would want to spend hours upon hours at.

jeff mem hdr flat
Jefferson Memorial in HDR
Lincoln Memorial flat
Lincoln Memorial at dusk
wash monument b&w flat
Washington Monument in Black and White
reflecting pool flat
Reflecting Pool at dusk
wash monument flat
Washington Monument with Cherry Blossoms
Smithsonian castle flat
Smithsonian Castle
WW2 memorial Wash Background b&w flat
World War 2 Memorial in Black and White
jeff mem tidal basin flat
Tidal Basin with Jefferson Memorial and Cherry Blossoms
jeff memorial b&w flat
Jefferson Memorial in Black and White
saying flat
Saying from World War 2 memorial