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Ghostly Image and Ice

This images were taken on Pi day as well. ¬†Hope everyone has a fabulous Saint Patrick’s Day!!!Icy Edge flat ghostly tree flat


Sunrise this morning



Taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Crashing Waves

crashing waves 4 flat crashing waves 5 flat crashing waves 6 flat crashing waves 7 flat







I have always loved the Maine Coastline.  I could spend hours just sitting on the rocks and listen to the sound of crashing waves. I find it so relaxing.


Fall In San Luis

A couple of weekends ago we drove to the Oldest Town in Colorado. They have an easy hiking trail to a bluff that over looks the tiny little town. Hope you enjoy the fall color.

over looking San luis Fall 2 flat Over Looking San Luis fall flat forever green flat aspen HDR flat over looking San Luis Fall 3 flat






Fall In Acadia part 2

A few more images from my weekend in Acadia National Park.

fall colors beaver lodge flat fall colors blurred flat fall colors flat fall colors HDR flat golden Maple Leaves flat fall colors 4yr old flat


Sunrise Silhouette

This is one of my images from last Saturday’s foggy sunrise on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.

Sunrise shilloutte flat


Fall in Acadia part 1

Last weekend I took our four year old to visit my parents in Maine. We took advantage of the remaining fall colors in Acadia National Park.

fall foliage by stream flat fall foliage with bridge flat fall walk with Grandma flat floating leaves flat golden leaves 2 flat Golden leaves HDR flat Leaf of Change flat Red Depth of field flat


Wispy Flower

wispy flower as a watercolor flat
Used Photoshop to create a water color. It looks like it belongs in the deep ocean!!!
wispy flower flat
Added a few filters to create a misty look to the photo
wispy flower original flat
Original photograph

A Lone Yellow Tree

lone yellow tree flat