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Lightning Strikes

Last night on our way back from Colorado Springs from a Marriage Weekend. The weather was weird. In the beginning it was snowing and as we got closer to home it began to Lightning in our valley. I’ve never experienced snow flurries and Lightning before. Quite Weird. Anyway we stopped on the side of the road and attempted to capture some images of lightning. I have to admit that I was quite jealous of my wife’s images, but to see her excitement was PRICELESS!!!lightning flat lightning strike flat Lightning w Car streak flat

Pikes Peak Journey

Here are some pictures from our drive up Pikes Peak. Next time I think we will take the cog railway up to the top. If you ever make up to the top the High Altitude doughnuts are definitely worth it.

high altitude doughnuts flat
High Altitude Doughnuts
Pikes Peak with emerald filter flat
Pikes Peak in the Back Ground
smokey mountains flat
Fog settling in the valleys
king of the mountain flat
Enjoying some Coffee at the top…that wind was blowing right through us. Looking forward to when the Culture Monk World Tour comes to Colorado to enjoy some coffee together.
queen of the mountain flat
Wifey and soon to be baby at the top of Pikes Peak
wifey and I pikes peak flat
Black and White
Rocky Mt Landscape flat
What a view!!!

pastel landscape flat snowy rocks flat

Frozen Bubbles

I tried something this morning. I saw a facebook post about frozen bubbles and we wanted to give it a shot. I mixed up some dish soap and water and we headed outside. We could get the bubbles blown but they would not stick to the ground. It might not have been cold enough outside. We had one successful attempt, so we will have to keep trying this little experiment.

bubble HDR flat
fractured bubble flat
After the five year old poked a hole it the bubble.
frozen bubble flat
Frozen half circle!!!

dented bubble flat