Kings and Queens

Kings and queens infrared flat

In the summer of 2005 the wifey and I spent a week and a half in Greece for our Honeymoon.  We took lots of pictures, but they were lost. Either to a corrupt memory card or just lost in the shuffle of one of our moves. Anyway, we only have our memories and this hand made chess set from Santorini.  kings and queens1 flatkings and queens flat

3 thoughts on “Kings and Queens”

  1. How devastating to lose your images! Over the past 10 yrs, my computer has crashed twice and I have lost images. I now have cloud back-up and an external hard drive. I also put client images on DVDs for storage. I am recovering for a year long illness and had some hospital pics that I wanted to add to my blog posts – but we got new phones and not all the images transferred over. THAT I can never (or don’t ever want to) re-create again. Beautiful chess set!

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