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A Tree with a View

dead tree B&W flat dead tree flat tree b&w flat


Kings and Queens

Kings and queens infrared flat

In the summer of 2005 the wifey and I spent a week and a half in Greece for our Honeymoon.  We took lots of pictures, but they were lost. Either to a corrupt memory card or just lost in the shuffle of one of our moves. Anyway, we only have our memories and this hand made chess set from Santorini.  kings and queens1 flatkings and queens flat


Snowy Rocks

snowy rock BW flat snowy rocks BW flat


Frosty Needles

Frosty Needles flatfrosty needles bw flatFrosty Needles 1 flat


2 out of 3

With the eldest child away at school all I had was these two adorable dolls to shoot.

cate and Liz flat bw


Crashing Waves

crashing waves 4 flat crashing waves 5 flat crashing waves 6 flat crashing waves 7 flat







I have always loved the Maine Coastline.  I could spend hours just sitting on the rocks and listen to the sound of crashing waves. I find it so relaxing.


Drooly Baby…

I was playing with Photoshop and tried out some Vignetting.

baby Gwen Vignette flat
“What you Talking about Willis”
baby Liz vignette flat
Ms. Baby Blues

Gerber and Friends

Gerber and Friends flat Gerber in Sunlight flat Lilly and Friends flat gerber B&W Gerber in Pink flatI have to give credit to my four year. She assisted with spritzing of the flowers.


Classic Cars

Its time for the Early Iron Festival here in Alamosa. It’s fun wandering around checking out all the vintage cars. Here are a few shots..

57 Chevy flat
57 Chevy…one of my favorites!!! I don’t know exactly why I like them so much. I just do!!!
Hood ornament flat
Greyhound Emblem
Ford Pick up HDR flat
Ford Pick up Truck in HDR
Model A B&W flat
A Model A

candy apple chevy flat Hot Rod flat Old car HDR flat emblem B&W flat Thunderbird b&w flat