Art of Shaving

While on vacation in Las Vegas I had the pleasant experience of enjoying a barber shop shave. Man! I have been missing out. The hot towels wrapped around my face to open my pores. So RELAXING.  The barber using pre-shave oil to help with the glide of the razor and protect my skin. I enjoyed the lather of the old school shaving brush on my face. The straight blade razor was able to get so close to my skin. Finally the application of after shave lotion and a little massage of my face to achieve a smooth and soft skin. Afterwards I couldn’t stop touching my face it was that smooth. My wife really enjoyed the smoothness as well. I was so hooked that I had to by a little kit to achieve this type of shave at home. I have been shaving once a week since high school and this was by far the best shave I have ever had. I can see why people back in the day really enjoyed going to barber shops.

If have never had a barber shop shave or if you have not you need try The Art of Shaving at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. They also have stores all across the United States. It’s well worth the experience.