I Wish You

I wrote this a couple of years ago for my wife’s blog.

You know how sometimes your parents wish that you will have a child just like you were. Well mom you told me so…

When I was little, I would I would wake up in the middle of night and in order for me to get back to sleep I needed my parents. I would attempt to crawl into bed with mommy and daddy. My mom would be terribly annoyed at the fact that I would not stay still. I was always told to climb in on daddy’s side of the bed.

Well, mom has her revenge. It doesn’t matter what child it is. They both like to wiggle, twist, and turn until they they take command of the bed. Callie tried to say that our bed would be a sacred place where no kid would enter. That’s been over since the day Abby was born. Out of pure necessity, one kid or the other or both are often in our bed making sleep a little harder. What makes it such a trial is that we can only fit a queen sized bed into our little “master” bedroom. Maybe someday, we’ll get our bed back but for now, we are cursed to deal with what we dished out to our parents when we were little. For now, it is fun to have little girls that want to snuggle.