Best Laid Plans….

Well, our vacation week has started off with a bang. We have been planning a trip to meet up with one of my long time friends and his family in Las Vegas. The planning of the trip went smoothly. However the actual journey has not been as smooth.

Since I work for our local airline one of the perks is free or discounted travel for myself and immediate family. The only negative to these perks is that we have to fly stand by. We only get on a flight if there is space available. I was able to list ourselves on all the Frontier flights from Denver to Las Vegas.  My wife and daughters were up early and I never went to sleep because I worked a light night shift, and I had to pack and than be at the airport to work our early morning flights. My wife and daughters flew to Denver on our first flight of the day. After working I hopped onto the next flight. That way we could all get on our Las Vegas flight together. Easy right. Not so much. My flight was delayed almost an hour and all of the Frontier flights where full. I totally felt like a we were about to have Griswald family vacation. Where nothing goes right. However, as a back up plan I had listed us on a Great Lakes flight to Las Vegas. My wife ran to the gate to check in and was waiting to see if she and the girls were going to get on. When I arrived there was only two seats available. We decided to each take a girl and I kissed my wife and 5 year old goodbye and they hopped on the flight to Las Vegas. Their luggage made it just fine on that Frontier flight and was waiting for them when they arrived.

Cate and I were able to catch a 12:15pm flight to Page, AZ. Check out a Birds Eye View for the breathing taking views from our flight. However, we needed to spend the night here because there is only one Great Lakes flight to Las Vegas per day. My wife, always prepared, packed extra outfits for the girls just in case we got seperated from our luggage. However, in the hustle of exchanging children I never grabbed the clothes for Cate. Once we arrived in Page, which is just simply georgeous, we rented a car and began to explore the area. First we went to Walmart to buy an outfit for Cate, than we went on a little hike in the Glen Canyon Recreation area (pics to follow later), and finally found a hotel for the night.

We may not be able to get to our destinations quickly or even all together.  But we make the best out of every situation that arises,and we are creating memories as a family.

What are some of your family vacation memories? 

March Madness

March madness is upon us, and I along with millions of others have filled out their brackets. Millions of experienced college basketball watchers, those who follow their local team (go Griz), or those who don’t follow at all. These millions are either in office or family pools trying to win a few extra bucks or family bragging rights by,  prognosticating  the NCAA tournament winner.  Some will agonize over the match ups trying to predict what David will take out Goliath, some will select their winners by either school colors, or where the school’s mascot ranks on the food chain. The bracket is filled out and we wait in anticipation to see how you stack up against those in your pool. Millions will watch college basketball over the next few weekends. They will all share in the emotional roller coaster, one moment they will be riding high, and the next wanting to tear their bracket to shreds.

Enjoy this time of madness and may all your predictions be correct!

Hooked on Phonics for ME!!!

Abby has been attending Pre-K since last fall. She attends two days a week and loves every minute of it. She simply adores her teacher. Abby is in the process of learning how to read. She knows her ABC’s, and the sound each letter makes, and can decode some words. Now its just a matter of getting her to put everything together. I enjoy reading, but it takes me forever to get through one book. The time it takes me to get through one my wife has read 6 or 7 different books. We both enjoy reading to our daughters and we  want them to  have a love for reading.

The problem I am having while teaching Abby how to read is all the RULES. I don’t remember any of the rules when it comes to short or long vowels, silent letters and that is just the beginning. I think I need Hooked on Phonics for Daddy’s. I’m most likely making a bigger deal then it really is. But still, the English language is HARD. The positives that I am taking away from this is that I have to research and review all the rules in order to help Abby learn. If anything its something we can both do together.

I realize it will be a long journey, but it should be a fun ride.

This morning I stumbled across a website that I will keep handy to help ME as well as our daughters learn the process of reading.

We will also be using Star Fall to help us with our phonics.

Birthday Celebration

abbygirl flat
Princess Abby

Our daughters birthdays are actually March 1st and 7th.

Queen and Princess flat
Mommy and Princess Cate

We decided to hold off celebrating until my parents could come in from Maine, as well as my brother and his wife from Montana. Our party was on Saint Patrick’s day. We didn’t do anything to extravagant, just a few kid games, face painting (done by mommy), balloon shapes by Aunt Casey, and CAKE.

castle cake

My mother-in-law has discovered a new talent in cake decorating. She is amazing. Check out her blog for other cakes she has created. She made this castle cake for our two princesses.

cate and cake2 flat
Cate Keeping an eye on Cake