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Classic Cars

Its time for the Early Iron Festival here in Alamosa. It’s fun wandering around checking out all the vintage cars. Here are a few shots..

57 Chevy flat
57 Chevy…one of my favorites!!! I don’t know exactly why I like them so much. I just do!!!
Hood ornament flat
Greyhound Emblem
Ford Pick up HDR flat
Ford Pick up Truck in HDR
Model A B&W flat
A Model A

candy apple chevy flat Hot Rod flat Old car HDR flat emblem B&W flat Thunderbird b&w flat

Katahdin Stream Falls

Here are a few pictures of our Trek up the highest point in Maine. Mount Katahdin located in Baxter State Park which is in the wilderness of northern Maine.  I will save the story of our ascent up the mountain for another post. However I hope you enjoy these few photos of Katahdin Stream Falls was about a mile into our journey. The first photo is the original and was taken quickly, due to me being in conquer the mountain mode. I didn’t take the time to set up my tripod, to get some good long exposure waterfall shots. The next two I had a little fun in Photoshop and created a watercolor and HDR photographs.Katahdin Stream Falls Orginal flatKatahdin Stream Falls Watercolor flatKatahdin Stream Falls flat

Frozen Bubbles

I tried something this morning. I saw a facebook post about frozen bubbles and we wanted to give it a shot. I mixed up some dish soap and water and we headed outside. We could get the bubbles blown but they would not stick to the ground. It might not have been cold enough outside. We had one successful attempt, so we will have to keep trying this little experiment.

bubble HDR flat
fractured bubble flat
After the five year old poked a hole it the bubble.
frozen bubble flat
Frozen half circle!!!

dented bubble flat