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My Little Cupcakes

cate in b&w flat
youngest in black and white
© Heather Twining
The bond between father and daughter happens instantly, starting right at birth,
When a father first lays eyes on his little girl he loves her more than anything on this earth,
When a daughter grows older her father is the first man she will love,
And the last one her father will have trouble letting go of,
In her eyes he is the closest thing to God, in her eyes he is a King,
To her father she means the world, she means everything.
When a daughter grows up to be an adult and mature,
Her father will always be there anytime she still needs dad to help her,
To give her advice or just-for anything she will ever need,
The bond between father and daughter is the most important bond indeed,
It cannot be broken when she finds a man, and become his wife,
It cannot be broken even in the ending of either ones life,
A daughter will always have the memories of her father, her best friend
This bond has a beginning, but there is never an end.
The bond between a father and daughter is so profound
The love shared is well renowned,
From the beginning of his daughters life, he is a changed man,
At that moment his life really just began.
From the moment their eyes meet,
two souls instantly become complete.

Source: Father & Daughter, Father and Child Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/father–daughter#ixzz2TZQHyS1O

cate in hdr flat
Colorful and Vibrant in HDR
IMG_0048 8x10
Love both of these cupcakes…
by Stephanie’s Snapshots

Of course I feel the same about both of my daughters. It’s amazing to me how love never runs out no matter how many children you may have.