Yesterday was a rough travel day. I was flying back from Washington D.C. and we experienced 25 to 30 minutes of non-stop turbulance. The most turbulance I have ever experienced. Have you ever been on an old wooden roller coaster? They tend to shake, rattle and roll you around. That’s how I felt while experiencing the turbulance. Now I dont mind a good roller coaster rise, I just prefer it not happen at 30,000 feet.  My seat was in the last row of the airplane, and as I looked all the passengers reminded me of  bobble heads dancing.  We arrived safely to Denver, where I happened to be meeting some friends and we were going to catch a flight back to Alamosa. However, our flight was canceled at the last minute due to high winds. Even the very last flight of the day was canceled. So we were scrambling to find ways to return home. A one way rental car would have cost us $300 plus fuel. We chose not to go that route. My friends called up our pastor, who drove the four hours to Denver to pick them up.  I chose to spend the night in the airport and take my chances with our little airline today. Since I have been working for our little airport,traveling has become more adventurous.