It was my Senior year at a small Liberal Arts College in Maryland, just outside the District of Columbia. A police officer had been fatally shot and a man hunt was on for the suspect. During this time I went to pick up  one of my Bermudian friends to check out a church, that he would be preaching at. After picking him up we were stopped at a stop sign and a police siren starts blaring. I pull over to get out of the way.  I look out my window and see four undercover policemen approaching us with M-16’s and other hand guns drawn.  In the moment I have no idea what is going on and was in shock. I had never been in that type of situation before in my life. They started yelling at me to turn off my engine. The only words I can utter is “Yes Officer”.  The officers were still searching for that same cop killer. Since I was a white guy driving a black guy they wanted to make sure I wasn’t being abducted. I know some would be upset about the situation because of racial profiling, but I can’t fault the police because of the high tensions at the time. They did eventually catch the cop killer. Even though I was scared and stressed out at the moment. I can now sit back and chuckle with my friends, Colorblind, about this story.

Man Blogs: Colorblind

I wrote this for my wife’s blog a few years ago. Just thought I would share it again.

A New Kind of Normal

I was having a conversation with my three year old this morning at breakfast.

Abby: Daddy, you are my black daddy!!

Daddy: Really? How is that Abby?

Abby: Because you just are!!!

Daddy: You and mommy have been watching to many Cosby episodes!!

All I could do is chuckle and think about my friendships. For those of you who don’t know me that well.

Are you sensing a pattern. Many of my friends are African American. I have been accused of being a Racist, and all I do is chuckle and have to say that you obviously don’t know me very well. The song Colored People by DC Talk tends to sum up my philosophy on race relations.

Colored People- DC Talk

so…abby was calling me a black daddy this morning…i think she has been watching to many Cosby episodes…lol

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