Milky Stream

Here are a couple of images from my Photo Excursion That Almost Wasn’t. This was the first time I was using my Cokin filter system. I was given a tip by one of my friends, Tim Floyd, that a ND 8 filter really helps with capturing running water, and give it a milky look to it. I think it works pretty well!!!

milky stream flat
Zapata Falls Stream
milky stream1 flat
Zapata Falls Stream

11 thoughts on “Milky Stream”

  1. How long are you leaving the shutter open for this shot?. I cant tell you how many times I try I always get too much background movement or not enough water flow for the effect. Drats

    1. I don’t remember exactly…I guess I need to start writing these things down…but I played with the length of exposure…from 2-5 seconds to even longer. I was able to use my tripod and it helped to have a remote to eliminate the blur.

      1. There are programs out there that when you upload the photos into it, it automatically has all the exposure and lens info tagged on the photo. I use a nikon and it does that all for me when I plug it into my computer. There must be free programs out there. Maybe it already does this and you havent seen it yet.

        Before I started doing it I was horrible because I could never replicate the effects because I couldnt remember what I did. Now im at least consistently mediocre.

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