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Sometimes endurance is more
important than immediate power.
To have the ongoing strength
we need, our life must be in
balance–first within ourselves.
Sometimes that means going back
to basics–healthy diet, enough
sleep, time for relaxation, gentle
exercise, mediation and contemplation.

With perseverance and endurance,
obstacles will ride the steed of
honor as you continue your journey.

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Milky Stream

Here are a couple of images from my Photo Excursion That Almost Wasn’t. This was the first time I was using my Cokin filter system. I was given a tip by one of my friends, Tim Floyd, that a ND 8 filter really helps with capturing running water, and give it a milky look to it. I think it works pretty well!!!

milky stream flat
Zapata Falls Stream
milky stream1 flat
Zapata Falls Stream