The Perfect Storm ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Storm Coming free photo by Danielle Hartland #1375 Creation Swap

There is a perfect calm,
ahead of each new storm
if you look to Jesus before ~
the clouds begin to form.

Don’t let the early breezes,
catch you off your guard
go to Jesus before they gust
so you’ll not be blown too hard.

Don’t wait around and worry,
when the rains may appear
go to Jesus before they start
so He may still your fear.

When the lightning comes,
as it strikes in the skies
go to Jesus with each clap
and let Him hear your cries.

Whilst the thunder roars,
with its frightening sound
go to Jesus with each rumble
and feel His power all around.

The tempest may be out there,
we never know when it will hit
but, when you look to Jesus first
you’ll see Him in the midst of it!


Psalm 107:29
King James Version

“He maketh the storm a calm,

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Healthy? My Butt…

I don’t even know what that statement means. It’s crazy but for once, it seems to apply. Here is my rant. I keep hearing about Gluten Free, Non-GMO, All Natural. And remember when preservatives became toxic? How about when trans fat was suddenly separated from other fats?

I’m eating a snack right now. It says, “0 grams trans fat, No preservatives, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Made with All Natural Ingredients”

It’s potato chips. The epitome of unhealthy American food. When you picture an unhealthy person, you usually see them in your minds eye on the couch surrounded by crumbs looking longingly into a bag of greasy potato chips. Much like I am right now!

What I’m saying is, don’t try and hide it. When it comes down to it, a potato chip is a potato deep fried in grease. You can say it’s all natural but it’s still deep fried potatoes. And all that healthy goodness made by a “company that cares” still adds up to 150 calories (80 of which are from FAT!) for only 13 chips. Who has ever stopped at 13 chips!? Who has even counted how many chips after 1 chip?! Most of the chips are broken! How can I even tell when I’ve eaten 13 chips?!

Give up the healthy act, Kettle chips! Let it go. We all know you are hiding cellulite under that fancy sustainable skirt! Healthy? My butt… is getting bigger from all this healthiness.

That is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled programing.