The Photo Excursion That Almost Wasnt…

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to go out on a photo excursion. I packed up my new Cokin Filter system (Birthday present from Wifey) my tripod, and camera and head out on my journey. I get about twenty minutes outside of town and I stop to take a picture. I raise my camera and GUESS WHAT my battery was DEAD. Now I didn’t take my spare batteries because I knew they were dead and needed to be charged. I was thinking I had to head all the way back home to get a charger and than drive all the way back out to take photos. However, as I was rummaging through my backpack I found a travel charger, but no way to charge my battery. I than found the power cord to our travel tv’s. which plugs into our cigarette liter. I was than able to charge my camera battery and Crisis adverted. I felt like a mini Macgyver. The photos from my trip will be posted shortly. Hope you enjoy them.

4 thoughts on “The Photo Excursion That Almost Wasnt…”

  1. Ok, I’am waiting for the shots beyond the crises. 😉 Thinking at Mike Oldfield’s ‘Crises what crises’

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