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Milky Stream

Here are a couple of images from my Photo Excursion That Almost Wasn’t. This was the first time I was using my Cokin filter system. I was given a tip by one of my friends, Tim Floyd, that a ND 8 filter really helps with capturing running water, and give it a milky look to it. I think it works pretty well!!!

milky stream flat
Zapata Falls Stream
milky stream1 flat
Zapata Falls Stream

The Photo Excursion That Almost Wasnt…

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to go out on a photo excursion. I packed up my new Cokin Filter system (Birthday present from Wifey) my tripod, and camera and head out on my journey. I get about twenty minutes outside of town and I stop to take a picture. I raise my camera and GUESS WHAT my battery was DEAD. Now I didn’t take my spare batteries because I knew they were dead and needed to be charged. I was thinking I had to head all the way back home to get a charger and than drive all the way back out to take photos. However, as I was rummaging through my backpack I found a travel charger, but no way to charge my battery. I than found the power cord to our travel tv’s. which plugs into our cigarette liter. I was than able to charge my camera battery and Crisis adverted. I felt like a mini Macgyver. The photos from my trip will be posted shortly. Hope you enjoy them.

Frozen Falls

I recently took a journey up to one of our local attractions in the San Luis Valley. This local attraction happened to be Zapata Falls. It was my first time. I didn’t really know what to expect. I have to say when I first got up there, I was a little disappointed. All I saw was this little frozen water fall.

entrance to zapata falls flat
used a cooling filter to add a little blue to the ice.

Then a family came up behind me, and climbed up the ice and into a little cave. So, I decided to follow them. Boy, was I stoked, because I found some spectacular frozen water falls.

zapata falls BF flat
used a cooling filter to add a little blue to the falls.

zapata falls blue filter flat

When it gets a little warmer out I will have to return and see the water falls flowing.