Recovery Mode…

I am still in recovery mode from my trip back east to visit my parents for the weekend. Where we spent more time in airports and traveling than we actually did visiting my parents. My daughter and I spent 17 hours last Thursday trying to catch a flight to Boston. We ended up on a Red Eye flight and arrived into Boston at about 7:30 in the morning.  My father picked us up and drove us to their house in Maine. We visited wildlife refuge,  the famous Portland Head Lighthouse and saw some of the Freedom Trail in Boston. Sunday, my daughter and I hopped on a flight to Seattle. This was going to give us more options to get back to Denver. We arrived late at night and had to sleep a few hours in the airport,   We had five chances to catch a flight to Denver and we finally made it on the last flight of the day. We than had to spend Monday night in the airport. Tuesday morning we made it on our flight to Alamosa as the last two people on the plane.  Finally made it home and than had to return right back to work that afternoon and evening. I do have some cool photos of our trip. However, some much needed sleep needs to occur first.


Thanks again for checking out my blog. You guys and gals are greatly appreciated.



Genius Idea!!!!

I have to say whoever thought of putting a play place in an airport concourse, was a GENIUS!!! We have spent the last 4 hours waiting for our airplane at Logan International Airport, and the five year old has been in total heaven. She has been running, and jumping and leaping all over the place. She has been meeting new people and totally wearing herself out. It’s made this long wait totally bearable!!! genius I tell GENIUS!!!

1928 Ford Sport Coupe


While visiting my parents in Maine, we attended their local church and this gal was in the parking lot. I love seeing these vintage cars. It brings back fond memories of one of my elementary school teachers. He was a member of a model T society in NJ, and would travel around driving those classics to various places. He bestowed in me a love for history, and historic things through his story telling ability. Thank you Mr. Fisher!!!

Who was your favorite teacher from your school years?