Learning to Write


Our Five year old is starting to read and write. She did this all by herself. Not to bad, considering the English language is ridiculous to learn…

If you can’t read the writing here is what is says. She was writing this note to her sister.

Deer (dear) fend (friend) I hope you have a vare (very) gud (good) tim (time). I am living (leaving) lik (like) fend (friend)

Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

The Ramblingstone


Happy New Year!

With the passing of 2013, and the coming of 2014, we are seeing all kinds of great resolutions being made. Resolutions to lose weight, finish a task, or maybe memorize more scripture. I wanted to leave a quick personal thought with you all as we come into this fresh year.

When people ask what are my “New Year’s” Resolutions, I haven’t had an answer for some years now. The reason for this is quite simply, I don’t wait for New Year’s. Resolutions are a great way to change old habits, start a new discipline, or even develop yourself mentally. Thing is, so many people wait until the first of the year, give up after a month or so, and then say “Well, I’ll try again next year.” and leave it at that.

Why wait for a new year to start a resolution? Why wait for…

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