Garden of the Gods part 1

Recently I checked out Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It was a great place to take photographs and just walk around and enjoy the scenery. I would think that natural beauty of the area would be reason enough to name it Garden of the Gods. Here is the real story behind the name.

It was August of 1859 when two surveyors started out from Denver City to begin a townsite, soon to be called Colorado City. While exploring nearby locations, they came upon a beautiful area of sandstone formations. M. S. Beach, who related this incident, suggested that it would be a “capital place for a beer garden” when the country grew up. His companion, Rufus Cable, a “young and poetic man”, exclaimed, “Beer Garden! Why it is a fit place for the Gods to assemble. We will call it the Garden of the Gods.” It has been so called ever since. (taken from Garden of The Gods website)

balancing Rock flat
Balancing Rock
kissing camels flat
Kissing Camels
Garden of the Gods flat
Gives one an idea of how big this formations are!!!
garden of gods pikes peak flat
Pikes Peak in the background


More About the Mug

Andy and I can’t do finances together. It’s not like we don’t talk about purchases or debt or collaborate on what to spend money on but… he’s in charge and I’m good with that. However, lately, we have been a little tight and not knowing everything about the money, I’m still aware of that. Needless to say, when I came home from work and saw a new camera lens on the counter, I wondered, just for a second, if he had gone mad. I mean, it looked like an expensive lens. I didn’t get a close look. Just glanced and said, “Is that new?”


“Hmmm…” and I was back out to work. I let it go…. mostly.

The next day I was at lunch and perusing Facebook and saw his post about the new mug and out loud started laughing.

“Is that a MUG?!”

“Yeah. You thought it was a real lens?”

Come on, from far away and without close inspection, it could totally pass for a lens!

There was a good laugh had by all!

new mug flat