My Relationship with BMI

This past Friday I had a Dr. appointment to establish a Primary Care Physician (PCP). The nurse had me step on the scale and I weighed in at 216.5 lbs, she also asked me for my height which was 73.5 inches. Now I have never really considered myself to be overweight, but according to my Body Mass Index (BMI) score of  28.2 I’m borderline Obese.  Yes, I could lose a few pounds, but according to the BMI scales I would have to lose 30 pounds to considered healthy weight. To me that seems a bit extreme. I would be happy to get back down to 200 pounds. I never really worried about my weight in college and when I first started teaching. Because I would play basketball, flag football, volleyball, golf,  tumble and base pyramids. My weight has been typically between 200 and 205, but now that my activity level has significantly decreased since I stopped teaching Physical Education, running Intramural programs, and coaching. It has led to my recent weight  increase.  I have tried gyms and other types of activities but dedicating time to it is very challenging for me. Since my doctor visit  have decided its time to rededicate myself to increasing my activity levels and watching my calorie intake.

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I realize I have lost some muscle tone and the flexibility I did have is disappearing. I would like to return to my former self. I want to stay dedicated this time. Only time will tell!!!