Seattle Part 1

space needle black flat space needle bw flat space needle below flat space needle flat mt rainier in haze flat fresh produce purple blown glass flat under the sea flat willow tree flatI recently spent some time in Seattle. I thoroughly enjoyed walking the streets and seeing the usual sights. I was even able to spend sometime with my cousin and his family. Apparently I caught Seattle on a gorgeous day.  What a fun City to visit!!!

10 thoughts on “Seattle Part 1”

    1. The usual…space needle, Pike’s marketplace, there is a glass garden next to space needle which is fun…you can buy tickets for both sites together for a discounted rates…the Ferris wheel by the waterfront

  1. Great shots of one of my adapted home towns 🙂 I live a few blocks away from a glass blowing studio, there are some great works in this area. Cheers!

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