In defense of technology

I hear so much annoyance with tech these days. Mommy’s have their phones in their hands all the time. Tablets are taking over the world and kids are becoming ADHD and all that. I’m not commenting on addiction however, I do have to say that technology has done some awesome

things for me. Technology-Predictions-For-2013

I used to have boxes of pictures that never got looked at because they were in boxes. They were to cumbersome to pull out, sort through, put into albums. It was an investment to have an album. I get that art form. I really do. However, I’m not that girl. I need fast because I have a full life that includes other hobbies… like blogging. So! Technology has made it possible for me to keep the pictures that strike a mommy cord in my heart on my phone. Many times I will be looking down at my phone at pictures of my children or videos of them and it fills that need to encapsulate them at a certain age and keep it with me all the time.

And just a little more about pictures, you can get wifi enables picture frames that scroll through stuff and instead of printing out a bunch of photos that will get chucked anyway and paying through the nose, you can have a cloud that keeps it all for you and others (grandma) can access and allow the frame to access. Come on! Greatest invention ever…

I can contact my husband at any time via text. He is really good at keeping up with texts. This keeps us communicating and effectively parenting all the time. I don’t feel like I have to make decisions without him. We rarely if ever bounce checks or have rejected transactions because we can communicate about the bank and what’s going on there. No one is saying, “Well, I couldn’t get ahold of you.”?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

New friendships are just a button push away. I admit it. I like to be in my PJs and I love to learn about others through their facebook posts and blogs. This doesn’t mean I don’t like to hang out with people in real life – I DO! But sometimes, when I’m pregnant with swollen ankles and no childcare and I don’t feel like coraling kids and taking a shower, I love the internet for it’s ability to connect me to other adults and not make me feel trapped in my own home.

If you are a patient person, hulu and netflix are the best money saving thing since sliced cheese. (Does sliced cheese even save money?)

SHOPPING from an extremely small town encapsulated in what feels like a totally out of touch valley. ’nuff said.