All My Single Ladies!

Andy is gone this week. Therefore this working mom is single mom-ing it. Every time I’m alone with the kids, I realize how much I don’t know about being a single parent. Single-Ladies-single-ladies

When I’m a single mom (for a minute), I’m in survival mode. I work, I pick up the kids, I get minimal stuff around the house done and I’m off to bed. There is no time for immaculate, there is no time for Barbies, hobbies, projects, volunteer work or anything else. There is only survival.

When I’m a single mom (for a second), I can’t do it all. I can’t work and stay home and do all the shuttling and shopping and… everything.

When I’m a single mom (for an instant), I am not the best parent. When you have someone, you can take a breather from parenting sometimes when you have had it and let the other person deal while you get it together. Single parents don’t have that option. Finding ways for Mommy to have a time out is HARD.

When I’m a single parent (for a time), I’m stronger than ever. Being alone teaches me that I can do it even if I think I can’t. That doesn’t mean I want to but I can. I CAN!

To all you single parents out there, YOU ARE AMAZING and I’m constantly in awe of how you are able to do more than I even think should be possible and still come out alive. You are stronger than me and work so much more than me. I aspire to have your energy and stamina. Keep up the good work and never never never give up. Let me know if you need a babysitter because dang… seriously!
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