Small Town Living – Horses on Main

Today as I was driving to church I saw three guys in old school tack and chaps riding horses down main street. Where can you go through the drive through at McDonald’s on horseback? Only in small town America!cowboys flat

It’s not totally unusual for people to have their horses in town. We arebreakfast time flat in an agricultural community. Most of the time they aren’t actually riding across the country. Most of the time it’s in modern clothing but one of these guys had actually come all the way from Louisiana. Took him 2 months.

They are building a horse rescue ranch here in the valley. Now I’m not an animal person. I’m hesitant to let my child have a fish! However, people who are HORSE people or DOG people or ANIMAL people… well, I’m all about supporting them in that mission. They are doing something amazing for which I have no desire or talent and that is amazing to me. Keep on keepin’ on, horse guys!


real cowboy flat
Two Months on the Road from Louisiana!!!