Cat Nap


During the five year old’s swim lesson this morning, I captured this picture of a mom cat napping. I can’t blame her, being a parent is fun but utterly exhausting at times. One needs to sneak in cat naps while the kids are busy. I find myself doing the same thing. It’s like we are in the army, sleep when you can because you never know when you may get the chance again.

5 thoughts on “Cat Nap”

  1. haha! I was going to have a “catnap” Sunday for about an hour and woke up 4 hours later! Aww… being a parent is tiring… bless her πŸ™‚

  2. Can relate to that mum! Sometimes a nap makes the whole day easier to get through. Even if you didn’t intend on having one!
    Lucy πŸ™‚

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