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Andy has a puzzle he bought of the New York Skyline. The buildings and river with lights reflecting on it is easy but once you get to the sky which is just shades of blue… it ain’t easy!

I’m that person that compares shades and frankly, once it gets to the point were we are working on this sky… I’m done.

Andy amazes me by showing his infinite patience by trying piece after piece in different spots until finding the right one. He can work on the puzzle for hours!

This is true of his parenting as well. I can only handle about 2 second of whining but Andy can slowly but surely work our children around to being “normal” again when they have a break down. It’s amazing…

Is this why we marry opposites?

the puzzle flatthe puzzle 2 flat

I’m not THAT mommy…

I sat down with another mommy the other day to shoot the breeze in the coffee shop and we of course were talking about parenting…

Well, I was talking. She was listening.

I talked about how I just feel like I’m not the mommy who plays with her kids and I’m not the mommy who wants to do all this “mommy” stuff. It’s hard to be a Pinterest mommy. Those mothers who do projects, homeschool, keep a perfect house, are organized and are able to just embrace being a Stay At Home Mom are amazing. It’s really a job… a job that I don’t want. It’s one that some are amazing at.

I can’t play the violin. I never really wanted to play the violin. I love watching people play the violin. It’s an amazing instrument but it’s not my gift. I’m ok with that.

Why am I not ok with being a working mom? Why do I feel guilty because I’d rather do dishes and cook dinner than play barbies? Why do I feel guilty that I’d rather be at work and make money and run my business than be at home doing crafts and taking the kids to the park?

I love watching them grow. I do the best I can to maximize the few hours in the evening I have with them but… I’m just not THAT mommy.

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Cat Nap


During the five year old’s swim lesson this morning, I captured this picture of a mom cat napping. I can’t blame her, being a parent is fun but utterly exhausting at times. One needs to sneak in cat naps while the kids are busy. I find myself doing the same thing. It’s like we are in the army, sleep when you can because you never know when you may get the chance again.