Our Saturday Afternoon

Wifey, Auntie C and I took our kids to the Sand Dunes for some sand boarding. It was a lot of fun and the kids got sand in places they didn’t even knew they had. Wifey and I did take our turn at sand boarding and we each had a blast. We are still getting sand out. Its a great way to spend an afternoon.

abby and sebi boarding flat
Auntie C and her Boys and our 5 year old
cate sand dunes summer flat
our 3 year old chilling in the sand
kids and auntie C flat
Auntie C sand boarding along with kiddos
cousin teamwork flat
cousins working together
davey and abby boarding flat
first runs of the afternoon
sebi sand boarding flat
the oldest of the cousins
sand Dunes summer b&w flat
sand dunes in summer
sand Dunes in summer1 flat
sand dunes in summer
sand dunes summer cooling filter flat
sand dunes in summer with a cooling filter
sand Dunes summer flat
Sand Dunes in summer

I Have An Awesome Camera — How Come My Photos Still Suck?

Going Around Places

With the prices on DSLRs and mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILCs) having fallen to something just above the cost of a box of cereal (I do admit to eating mostly premium cereals), more of us than ever are now toting serious photographic hardware around on our vacations, when we go hiking, or to our kids’ soccer games. Nonetheless, despite our massive technological superiority, most of us still take a staggering proportion of truly bad photos, with precious few keepers. A quick look at your friends’ unviewable travel albums on Facebook is no doubt sufficient evidence of  this trend.

The problem, of course, for the most part isn’t in your camera. It’s in how you’re using it. Want to suck less at photography? Here’s a couple of really basic steps that should yield quick results.

(1) Stop shooting in auto.

Your humble digital camera has a marvelous technological brain in it…

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