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Saves the Flowers


This morning I was having our six year old wipe down our kitchen counter. While doing so she managed to knock over this vase of Gladiolus blossoms. Normally they would have fallen to the flower, but this time she actually caught the vase and only spilled a little water. Needless to say daddy was impressed by how quickly she reacted.

Cold Shoulder

Yesterday was a new experience for me in the world of fatherhood. I picked up our 6 yo for school, and she asked if one of her school buddies (a boy) could come over to our house. So we get home and all 3 kids are playing nicely together. We decided to head to a park to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. The boy really likes to play on the skate park, and naturally our 6 yo follows suit. Everything is going smoothly. I had to deal with a sharing issue with our 4 yo. Once that was resolved, all hell breaks loose. The boy wanted to play with a golf ball, which our 4 yo had and they played together. This action of changing playmates, caused the 6 yo to become quite JEALOUS. I look up and she was gone, she was hiding from all of us. I found her and I could see she was upset. The boy kept trying to talk to her, but she was having nothing to do with him. She kept running away from him, and giving him the cold shoulder. If this is any insight into her dating life, i feel sorry for the boys who piss her off. I hope she always knows that daddy will be here to guide her, listen to her, and protect her. Anyway, we get home and watched a movie, by the end of the movie the friendship was restored and all was well.





I think I’ve spent to much time at summer camp. These little bracelets were all the rage when I was a camper and camp staff. Of course this is the most basic, but its the limit of my braiding skills. I used my limited skills to make one for our four year old. She was very upset that her six year old sister received a rubber band bracelet from her Montana friend.

Parent Shames Kid… Hmmm….

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I noticed a long time ago these parent shaming techniques. Usually it’s something posted to social media with a headline like, “Watch how this awesome parent teaches his kid not to (insert poor choice here).”

Yeesh! I’m all about strong parenting. Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a touchy feely parent. I love my kids like crazy but I rarely tolerate nonsense (take from that what you will.)

I’d like to think I’m not a judgy parent either. After actually having kids, I have alot more respect for those who are doing this parenting thing the best they can and just getting a shower on a daily basis.

However, when it comes to shaming my kid in public… well, my oldest is only 6 so I don’t know what will work with her when she is a teenager and maybe I will have to resort to extreme measures but I have to say… this whole holding up a sign and taking a picture for facebook with the kid looking totally forelorn or having them hold a sign on a street corner declaring their indiscretion or walking through the store wearing short shorts and a t-shirt stating your parenting choice and dragging a sullen teen… I’m just not sure about this whole thing! I don’t want to say “never” becasue who knows but REALLY?! Are we going to use social media and public shaming to teach our child a lesson? Is this the way to get them to talk to us when they have questions or open up when they have made mistakes or is this form of teaching closing off any hope of communication between my child and I?

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For application to my 6 year old… I want to start to respect her the way I hope she will respect me in the future because our kids mimic our behavior (fact) and I’m hoping to show all my girls that I will give them private instruction. I get down on their level as much as possible. I quietly get their attention in public or take them away from public situations to deal with LOUD breakdowns (more on this in Mommy and Money). This is not always possible but I do my best and I hope that my children, as they get older, will know that I’m not their to shame them to their friends. I’m not the kind of parent that will publicly call them out on what I believe to be a poor choice. I hope this keeps the lines of communication open and never closed them off to me.


Andy has a puzzle he bought of the New York Skyline. The buildings and river with lights reflecting on it is easy but once you get to the sky which is just shades of blue… it ain’t easy!

I’m that person that compares shades and frankly, once it gets to the point were we are working on this sky… I’m done.

Andy amazes me by showing his infinite patience by trying piece after piece in different spots until finding the right one. He can work on the puzzle for hours!

This is true of his parenting as well. I can only handle about 2 second of whining but Andy can slowly but surely work our children around to being “normal” again when they have a break down. It’s amazing…

Is this why we marry opposites?

the puzzle flatthe puzzle 2 flat