1928 Ford Sport Coupe


While visiting my parents in Maine, we attended their local church and this gal was in the parking lot. I love seeing these vintage cars. It brings back fond memories of one of my elementary school teachers. He was a member of a model T society in NJ, and would travel around driving those classics to various places. He bestowed in me a love for history, and historic things through his story telling ability. Thank you Mr. Fisher!!!

Who was your favorite teacher from your school years?

3 thoughts on “1928 Ford Sport Coupe”

  1. For the longest time my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Shoesmith was my favorite teacher. She was so nice and caring. I remember the whole class crying when she left halfway through the year.
    Once I got to high school it was a battle between Mr. Pollock (history teacher) and Mr.Summers(science). Both were incredible role models. All three of these teachers were fundamental in fueling my passion for writing. I was blessed to be sure. None of them had such a sweet ride though.

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