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A friend of mine posted this article; My Daughter’s Homework Is Killing Me on Facebook. As a former teacher I was guilty of assigning to much homework in my health class, however I tried to flexible with my students schedules. I applaud this dad for taking the time to work through his daughter’s homework with her. When our children are old enough to have homework I will have to remember to take time and actually do the homework with them.

1928 Ford Sport Coupe


While visiting my parents in Maine, we attended their local church and this gal was in the parking lot. I love seeing these vintage cars. It brings back fond memories of one of my elementary school teachers. He was a member of a model T society in NJ, and would travel around driving those classics to various places. He bestowed in me a love for history, and historic things through his story telling ability. Thank you Mr. Fisher!!!

Who was your favorite teacher from your school years?