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Freedom Trail

Treated the five year old to some of our nation’s history while visiting my parents. It was just a small piece but its beginning to open up her little world. It’s probably¬† what I miss the most about the living on the East coast. The HISTORY!!!

bunker hill memorial flat
Bunker Hill Monument
city of Boston B&W flat
Boston Cityscape
constitution canons flat
Old Ironsides row of cannon’s
following the freedom trail flat
Following the Freedom Trail
Old Ironsides Black and White
abby at Constitution flat
At the Side Yard
abby and I at old ironsides flat
Sharing a piece of History
old north church flat
Old North Church

Saturday Afternoon Drive

The San Luis Valley is filled with all kinds of natural beauty which makes driving around the valley so worth it. These shots were taken just outside of South Fork on our way back from Creede.

rolling hills black and white flat
cloudscapes with rolling hills in black in white
cloudscapes flat

isolated rain flat
I grew up on the east coast and when it rained it rained everywhere. It wasn’t until I moved west that I actually experienced Isolated rain storms. It’s actually fun to see where in the valley the storms are happening.
rainbow with barn flat
Did I mention my wife has an eye for photography!!! She is also an artist she likes to paint and draw. We were driving home saw the rainbow with the barn and we both were thinking the exact same thing (I guess we have been married long enough to do that) we just had to stop and capture the moment.

rainbow in HDR flat


Three Drowned Rats…

Before moving to Colorado last summer I spent my final weekend in Montana at Glacier National Park. My parents were in town to help drive the moving truck. We drove up to Glacier and hiked to Avalanche Lake in the rain. The guys made the trek while my mother and sister-in-law stayed dry in the van. Chickens!!!! Anyway the hike was fun despite the rain. The only negative about the whole experience was my camera died. I believe it drowned because of all the rain.

drowned rat flat
A Drowned Rat
papa drowned rat flat
The Papa Drowned Rat
brother rat flat
The Brother Drowned Rat
rainy day in glacier flat
Three Drowned Rats at Avalanche Lake

This is the Avalanche Lake I saw. My brother was there a couple of weeks ago. Boy what a difference a little sun makes.


Beach Time

Here are a few more photos from our trip to the Oregon Coast.

arcadia beach black and white flat
Arcadia Beach which is close to Cannon Beach
abby shore flat
this was her second time to the ocean. She has seen the Atlantic and now the Pacific
cate burried flat
Her first time ever to the beach. She loved every second of it.
arcadia beach 2 flat
Waves of Arcadia Beach
pacific ocean flat
Love the Ocean
Oregon Beach flat
Ocean Mist
crashing waves flat
Crashing Waves

Voo Doo Doughnuts

While traveling in and around Portland, OR this past weekend we had the pleasure to experience Voo Doo Doughnut. My wife discovered this place via the Food Network. So, we just had to go. I have to tell it they were probably the best doughnuts I have ever had. We stood in line for about 30-40 minutes but they it was well worth the wait. It just happened to be National Doughnut day when we visited, so I’m sure that added to the masses. However, I’m told that the lines are pretty long no matter what day you visit. The shop has a good variety of doughnuts to choose from the classic to some really crazy ones.¬† They even have Vegan Doughnuts!!! So, if you are ever in the Portland area, Voo doo must be on your to do list.

The Masses on National Doughnut Day
doughnut box flat
They even come in a pink box
pink doughnut flat
Just feeling a little artsy with this photo
voo doo doll doughnut flat
A voo doo doll with a pretzel stake. This is one of the crazy ones although you need to check out there menu for some of the even crazier ones.
voo doo sign flat
Their sign
coffin full of doughnuts flat
good for any occasion