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Daddy is a Softy

This morning upon waking the girls up to get them going for the day. The 6yo declares that she doesn’t feel well. cartoon sickI check her forehead and she doesn’t feel warm. So, I keep encouraging her to get out of bed and come down for some breakfast. (In my mind I’m thinking sick day and movies for everyone.) She then stats that she can only breath out of one nostril. I explain to her that its just a cold and that she is not really that sick. I was totally going to let her stay home and just hang out, but she made up her own mind that she wanted to go school.

Daddy is a softy. There I said it. This probably doesn’t bode well for me in the future with 3 beautiful daughters. They can have daddy wrapped around their little fingers. It’s a good thing Wifey and I are a good team and we can strengthen each other in our softy moments.

A Day of Remembrance

Last night a friend and teammate of mine from college passed away. Today has been a day of reflection for all us. A day of remembering stories, goofy nick names, and how his big smile was infectious to us all. Even though I hadn’t really seen him since college, he was still family, and as one of my friends stated earlier today

Acro-Airs is a bond for life formed by an unconditionally trust to keep each other safe and entertaining ppl and no matter what others thought about us we took kept our girls safe, we stuck up for each other and we loved one another unconditionally and no matter how much time had passed between seeing each other when we saw each other our love for one another was like our last practice was yesterday. Today our family has lost a member and as brokenness fills my heart I js wanna say Reynald I love you and I miss you and prayerfully I’ll see on the great get tin’ up morning. by Damon Hendrickson.

Its so shocking when someone who is close to your age dies. I have been very somber today and totally out of it. All of his teammates are looking forward to be reunited with Reynald in Heaven.

credit goes to Julian Lettsome for this photo


Acro-Airs before an Atlanta Hawks Halftime
Cheer-n-Gym Cheerleading Camp
CUC Acro-Airs perform for the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden