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Enjoying Baseball


dad pregame flat
Dad before the game.
daisuke M flat
Daisuke warming up
david wright flat
David Wright pregame warmup
zach wheeler flat
Zach Wheeler pregame. A promising young pitcher for the Mets
Uncle Josh and Sebby flat
Nephew Sebby and Uncle Josh discuss our National Past time

ball and base flat david wright batting flat catcher's autograph flat Rockies Mascot flat who's on first flat bartolo Colon flat sunset at ballpark flatYesterday was a guys day in Denver. Myself, father and brother in law and little nephew went to a Colorado Rockies game. They were playing the New York Mets, which was an added bonus for me. Growing in New Jersey I grew.  up rooting for the Mets. (I also cheer for the Red Sox, due to family ties). It was a fun day trip for us MEN!!! My three companions drove to Denver for the game. I waited to see if my wife was actually going to go into labor with our third child. It was only False labor. Once that was decided I hopped onto an airplane and flew to Denver. I however barely made the plane, I was running a few errands in town and I drive up and the plane had just landed. I come racing threw security(good thing the TSA know me) and jump on the airplane. It also left 20 mins early.  But I finally arrived in Denver and was picked up at the airport and we drove downtown. We wandered the 16th street mall and just had a grand old time.

We arrive at the ball park about two hours before game time and we watched the Mets take batting practice. Unfortunately for me  the game was a one sided affair and the Mets lost. Oh Well, it was still a fun trip.

Abby Golf!!!

This afternoon I was practicing a few golf swings in our backyard, and Abby wanted to join in the fun. I could hardly contain my joy while watching Abby swing a golf club with her own style and flare. I kept telling her to keep her eye on the ball, the only problem was that her hair was getting in the way. After several more attempts of trying to hit the ball, I finally put her hair up in a pony tail.  I love to hear her excitement when she hits the ball. That is what makes sports fun to teach my children.

She actually was doing quite well for a 3 year old. Who is now five. Who knows? We may have the next Annika Sorenstam on our hands!!! I will be happy just passing on to my girls a knowledge and love of sports.

I am looking forward to spending  many more afternoons together hacking at golf balls, and attempting to teach them the ins and outs of sports.


March Madness

March madness is upon us, and I along with millions of others have filled out their brackets. Millions of experienced college basketball watchers, those who follow their local team (go Griz), or those who don’t follow at all. These millions are either in office or family pools trying to win a few extra bucks or family bragging rights by,  prognosticating  the NCAA tournament winner.  Some will agonize over the match ups trying to predict what David will take out Goliath, some will select their winners by either school colors, or where the school’s mascot ranks on the food chain. The bracket is filled out and we wait in anticipation to see how you stack up against those in your pool. Millions will watch college basketball over the next few weekends. They will all share in the emotional roller coaster, one moment they will be riding high, and the next wanting to tear their bracket to shreds.

Enjoy this time of madness and may all your predictions be correct!

Baseball is around the corner

The 2013 Major League Baseball season is about to begin. I was never a hard core baseball guy growing up. I grew up in the NJ/NY area and I could either route for the NY Yankees or the NY Mets.Being that my family is from New England I would have been tarred and feathered if I routed for the Yankees, so I followed the Mets. I grew up in the era of Dwight Gooden, Darrel Strawberry, Lenny Dykstra and many other Met greats of the 1980′s. My two baseball worlds collided in 1986. When the Mets and Red Sox played in the World Series. The Mets won the World Series in 1986, but have been up and down for years after that. Needless to say its been a tortured relationship. I still keep my allegiance to the little brother of NYC. Recently I have started to indulge my family roots, by rooting for the Boston Red Sox.

With the beginning of the new Baseball season, I always return to memories of my childhood. Playing wiffle ball in the yard with my brothers and friends. I would even pretend to play an entire baseball game by myself always being the hero by hitting the game winning home run. Another fond memory will always be  playing catch and pickle with my friends after school.

There is always a connection made between father’s and sons or 

daughters with baseball. If its not baseball itself its just spending a quality afternoon with your dad. One summer my brothers and I wanted to spend some quality time with our dad. We celebrated his 70th birthday by attending Citi field in NYC, and Fenway Park. WE ALMOST MISSED OUT ON THE GAME, because our FATHER forgot the tickets. But that’s another story!!! Our wonderful mother drove two hours south to drop the tickets off for us, at her sister’s house. It was my first time attending a game in Fenway Park, and we listened to stories of my father skipping school as a kid to watch Ted Williams, and other Boston Red Sox greats on opening day.

I would like to extend the same memories to my daughters. They may not like baseball, but I hope they can indulge dad and spend some quality time with me.

This post was originally written two years ago, updated and reposted.