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Magic Carpet Ride

Monday marked the first time our little one went skiing. She was very apprehensive at first but she warmed up to the idea of skiing. I was told that she did a great job. After spending the morning on the slopes, I checked in on her after lunch. I didn’t see her on the instructional slope. I was picturing her screaming, and uncooperative with the ski instructors. I entered the Wolf Pup lodge and I see her eating her lunch. The people told me that she fell asleep during lunch and had just woken up from her power nap. I was so relieved. I went back out to the slopes and came back to watch her and videotape her on the slopes.

I also have to include our eldest child zipping down the beginners hill. It doesn’t show it in the video, but for some reason she felt more interested in eating snow than anything else. Maybe she is getting board with her level and needs to be bumped up to the next one.

Panoramic view from the top of the mountain
Going for a Magic Carpet Ride
slowly getting it
zipping down the beginners hill

Skiing Time

Before getting in the car for the drive up
Looking a little nervous....a little pre-lesson snack
Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light
The final touches
The almost 6 year old on the lift.
Daddy enjoying the slopes

The almost four year old was very nervous at first. She didn’t want me to leave her side. But once she started outside, I snuck away. I’m about to check in on her this afternoon. I hope she is having a good time.

Wolf Pup part 2

Today the 5 year old and I went up to Wolf Creek Ski Area with her little school. The weather was sunny and warm. The snow was perfect. I have no idea how the organizer pulled it off, but the kids only had to pay $20 for Rentals, Lessons, and Lunch. What an incredible deal!!!

wolf pup abby flat
After her last run of the day.

Our 5 year old was super excited to get back on the slopes. She is eager to learn. The instructors were reminding their students to “Pizza” and “red-light”. Every time an instructor would call out “blue light” you could hear howls from their kiddos, just like little Wolf Pups. Our kiddo had trouble stopping at first. I think she thought it was a game to run into the instructors. Finally towards the end she got it .

It was so much fun to watch her succeed, it made me very proud. I did have the pleasure of watching her ski down the bunny hill for the first time.

As a side note the second we got home from the slopes the 5 year old was howling like a wolf, and was influencing the 3 year old to howl as well.

As for dear old Dad. It was first time I had been on skis or a snowboard in 3 years. Outside of my first time skiing (1994), which was a horrible experience. I have always enjoyed skiing. My muscles are so sore right now.






10 Things I Love About the High Desert

1. The temperature. It doesn’t get as hot as the low deserts.

2. The sunsets on the sand.

3. The lack of humidity. Your hair always stays put. No friz, no humidity slouching curls to sad stringyness. Not alot of product needed. Easier on the budget.

4. The illusion of stamina. When you visit people in a lower altitude, they really believe you are more athletic than you really are because you don’t get out of breath as fast.

5. Zeroscaping. There are only a few ambitious crazies (like my parents) who insist on bucking nature and creating their own little oasis in the sand. The rest of us enjoy a mow free Sunday (or at least minimal grass/lawn maintenance), while the crazies water and water and water and water and mow and then water again. It’s great fun to watch.

6. Sand. I know. It’s weird but it’s like having the beach without the sharks or humidity or hurricanes or tsunamis or crowds of people.

7. Wide open spaces. There aren’t that many people who like it here like I do so there is not alot of population to deal with.

8. Mountains. I love the majesty of the mountains.

9. Skiing. I used to ski alot. Then I learned to snowboard and I did that too. But now, I’m to out of shape to do it but my husband, and hopefully children, have quick cheap access to a little not-so-well known ski resort with 4 lifts and few lines. It’s awesome.

10. The hot springs. There are hot springs EVERYWHERE up here. We are surrounded by natural beauty and if you can find it, it provides you with so much fun!

Wolf Pup

So, its spring break for our oldest daughter and her little school. Grandpa wanted to do something special. He took the day off from work and took his 6,5,and 4 year old grandchildren skiing. Grandpa, myself, and my sister-in-law and kids headed up to Wolf Creek Ski Area. Abby was saying that she was nervous on our drive up to Wolf Creek. I kept telling her its OK to be nervous, but that she could still be a brave girl and do her best. Grandpa had arranged for Wolf Pup lessons for each of the kiddos. While waiting for the lesson I was teaching Abby how to side step and wedge (snow plow).  I think our little time together before the lesson boosted her confidence, because after each attempt she kept asking how she could go faster.

Unfortunately, I had to leave just before her lesson and rush back to work. But I received a phone call from Grandpa telling me that Abby did really well during her lesson. However, Abby was really sad that she didn’t receive a Gold Star at the end of the lesson. Apparently students need to stop successfully three times, and Abby only stopped once. She is already way ahead of me when it comes to learning how to ski. I took my first lesson when I was twelve or thirteen. I didn’t have the proper gear and I got so frustrated with falling down and being soaked that I stopped. However, I can now ski successfully. I’m glad that Abby was able to succeed in her first attempt. I am looking forward to many more skiing trips with our family.

Our little Ski Bunny