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A Precious Moment

A Precious Moment

Our eldest daughter 3 years ago…

Precious Moments
by Judy  Auclair

Why is it we realize just how precious...
     only after they have passed?
These wonderful treasures 
     we can never again revisit.
Except for the fleeting moment, 
     they no longer exist.

Oh, these precious moments, 
     how I want to capture them
And forever hold them in my heart, 
     my mind, my soul!
Keeping them as fresh and alive 
     as when they first occurred.
Allowing me to feel your arms, 
     taste your kisses, hear your love.
From that first precious moment 
     till eternity...and beyond.
Your love, the most precious of all things ever...

It is unconditional
It is all encompassing
It is my most valued treasure...
Totally irreplaceable...

Pure ecstasy!

From that first precious moment. my love,
When my eyes saw you bathed in a golden light
You forever captured my heart and soul...
Entwined it with yours
For all eternity.

Your gift of love to me is unequaled
And I offer to you, my darling, my love.
It is all I have, but with each precious moment that passes,
It grows so much, under your sweet care
And I know that you treasure it also.

We are making so many precious moments, my darling,
And we will continue to do so,
For all eternity
For our love is more than a precious moment,
It is just precious
Always and forever!