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Three Drowned Rats…

Before moving to Colorado last summer I spent my final weekend in Montana at Glacier National Park. My parents were in town to help drive the moving truck. We drove up to Glacier and hiked to Avalanche Lake in the rain. The guys made the trek while my mother and sister-in-law stayed dry in the van. Chickens!!!! Anyway the hike was fun despite the rain. The only negative about the whole experience was my camera died. I believe it drowned because of all the rain.

drowned rat flat
A Drowned Rat
papa drowned rat flat
The Papa Drowned Rat
brother rat flat
The Brother Drowned Rat
rainy day in glacier flat
Three Drowned Rats at Avalanche Lake

This is the Avalanche Lake I saw. My brother was there a couple of weeks ago. Boy what a difference a little sun makes.