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Birthday Celebration

abbygirl flat
Princess Abby

Our daughters birthdays are actually March 1st and 7th.

Queen and Princess flat
Mommy and Princess Cate

We decided to hold off celebrating until my parents could come in from Maine, as well as my brother and his wife from Montana. Our party was on Saint Patrick’s day. We didn’t do anything to extravagant, just a few kid games, face painting (done by mommy), balloon shapes by Aunt Casey, and CAKE.

castle cake

My mother-in-law has discovered a new talent in cake decorating. She is amazing. Check out her blog for other cakes she has created. She made this castle cake for our two princesses.

cate and cake2 flat
Cate Keeping an eye on Cake

Farm House

I have a recently found a love of farm houses. My grandparents had one in New Hampshire and my siblings and I would spend a few weeks a summer up there visiting. We would swim in the pond, climb to the top of Mt Blue Job, and my favorite was picking blue berries. However, the property is long gone and all I have left is memories. Taking pictures of farm houses will always take me back to pleasant memories.

What fond memories do you get while taking pictures?