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took a picture of a picture due to not having a scanner…

I grew up in New Jersey and every time we would drive into New York, I would always see these two towers. They where trade mark New York City. This picture was taken from the Statue of Liberty In June of 2001. This would be the last time I would see these towers. When 9/11/01 occurred I was entering my senior year in college.  I was actually sleeping when the first plane hit and I was heading to class when the second plane struck and all we did in class was watch the coverage of the attack. I was in such shock, and couldn’t really believe this could be happening. It felt like we were in a movie. Then I was only 11 miles from the plane hitting the Pentagon. Another surreal moment. Our world was falling apart and forever changed.

My heart will forever go out to the families that lost loved ones that day. Let us never forget!!!