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A Child’s Logic

Abby: Mommy? Do grown ups get loose teeth?

Me: No.

Abby: So when kids lose all their teeth and get adult teeth, they have to get a job and earn money?

Me: ummm…

Abby: …instead of getting their money from losing teeth.

Me: hmmm… Maybe we need to rethink the whole tooth fairy concept. 

Small Town Living – Saved by Amazon

Truth: Not only is this a small town but we are enclosed by mountains and the nearest mall is literally 2.5 hours away. There is nothing learned in a small town if not patience and planning. Plain and simple, there is no where to get certain things… at least right away. We have the essentials – depending on what you believe the essentials are.

There is no where to purchase nice men’s clothing. My husband actually subscribes to a service that sends him clothing in a box in just his size and he can try them on and send them back if he doesn’t like whatever was in the box.

Trunk Club for Men

He just keeps what he likes. But if there is a clothing emergency… he’s basically limited to Walmart’s selection.

So for those of us who can’t find what we want in a local store, internet shopping is the only way to go. Living here has taught me to wait and maybe… that not everything is a NEED. Maybe, I just need to save money. When forced to wait, I’m forced to think and well, it’s easier sometimes to just say, “I don’t need that now and I won’t need it then. Let’s save that money for something else.”

But when I do NEED something, I’m usually saved by Amazon…


Small Town Living – A Grown Up Job

Today Abby (6) asked me if she could get a grown up job. She wants to make money so she can buy things that she wants. She also wants to feel important in this world. I get her. However, she’s six. I can’t even get her to clean her own room or do things around the house without alot of prompting. Hmmmm….

The thing is, I remember this. Those things like cleaning my room or helping mother were not on the priority list for me – even if I got paid for helping, it felt fake. I wanted it to be real! I wanted someone to appreciate me for my skill and my contribution and I couldn’t understand that with my parents.

Even now, it’s hard. I work for them. I run their business and I feel every minute like I need to justify the job I’m doing with profit margins or payable reports or whatever. I get my six year old. Now how do I help her?

Here in a small town, I’m sure there are people who would allow me to use them as parenting helpers. I’m thinking about finding a neighbor and asking them to allow me to use them as a front man. She’ll come in and do something and I’ll give you the money to pay her. I mean, I think I could work that out. Is that lying to my kid?

Yeesh…. Parenting ain’t easy!

Finding jobs in a small town
Kids spending hard earned money

Mommy and Money

I feel like lately we are wading through parenting issues one after another. We have left what brand of diapers to use behind and we have the rules about when to rush a toddler to the ER down. We no longer struggle with what and when to feed our kiddos but now comes a whole plethera of other questions. The most recent being money and the value of things.

What parent hasn’t had their 5 year old come begging for something in the grocery store. Most likely it is that $1 item that will be lost in the car on the way home and never thought of again but in that moment, if they don’t have it THEY WILL DIE! Really?!temper-tantrum-girl

This is where I become a totally unsypathetic mother. However, if it is not a weapon of mass destruction (Silly Putty, Silly String… anything beginning with the word Silly) or something that looks like if it came to life it might just be related to Chuckie, I will say, “Of course you can get that? Did you bring your money?” This inevitably brings on the saddest face you have ever seen since that basset hound from Pioneer Woman.

“No… I didn’t.”

“Well, I guess you will have to wait.”

“But I waaaannnnttt iittt nooooooowwwww…..”

Oh, lawd!

“Yes, dear. I understand. Sometimes we can’t get what we want.”

“But you have money.”

“Not for that.” This is my answer. My money, that is designated to be spent on you, will be spent on clothing that I deem necessary for which you may or may not have input. It will be spent on food on which I may or may not consult your opinion. It will be spent on rent, heat and other utilities that are used to keep you alive. images

Somehow, I believe that even at 5 years old, my kid needs to learn the value of things. Maybe I’m completely off base but I want her to connect the work she does (laundry, dishes) to the money she earns and in turn, to the things that she WANTS. Will this connect her to being more responsible with her things? ie. not leaving them at school or outdoors or at the park… I have no idea.

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