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Daddy Date to Denver

Our 4 year old has been wanting to take a trip somewhere anywhere. It’s all that she could talk about. “Mommy and Daddy” when can we go on a trip on an airplane together just you and me. Finally I took this past Tuesday and we flew to Denver for a Daddy and daughter date. We went to the Children’s Museum, lunch at Olive Garden, and we took advantage of a free day at the Botanic Gardens. It was such a fun trip, and I hope she will remember these special little trips.

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A Daddy Post

This was from my wife’s blog A New Kind Of Normal.

It is interesting to see something written by Andy. He’s a man of few words usually so when he has something to say, I listen… or read as the case my be. I don’t get many glimpses into the mind of a father but here is a little something from Andy for his girls and anyone who is a father.

At the end of the work day my father would come home to a son waiting at the top of the stairs, waiting to jump into his arms. An intimate moment with a father and son. A moment of complete trust from a son who knows his father will not drop him. Those moments of my childhood are a distant memory, but I always remember my father taking a few moments of this day to show me love.

As a father of two girls, I want to have the same intimate moments with them to let them know they are loved.

My youngest daughter loves to sit on my lap. My legs make the perfect throne for a princess. My oldest is always presenting me with her scratches and booboos. I have the band aids and medicine ready. I’m not waiting for the big moments to show love. I’m doing my best to show it in every little moment that is just as important and that builds the trust for the big events.

Our Heavenly Father wants that same relationship with us. He is waiting at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for us to jump. His lap is open for us to sit on. He is waiting with band aids and medicine for us to come to him.

Oh, what a sweet husband I have…

A Day of Remembrance

Last night a friend and teammate of mine from college passed away. Today has been a day of reflection for all us. A day of remembering stories, goofy nick names, and how his big smile was infectious to us all. Even though I hadn’t really seen him since college, he was still family, and as one of my friends stated earlier today

Acro-Airs is a bond for life formed by an unconditionally trust to keep each other safe and entertaining ppl and no matter what others thought about us we took kept our girls safe, we stuck up for each other and we loved one another unconditionally and no matter how much time had passed between seeing each other when we saw each other our love for one another was like our last practice was yesterday. Today our family has lost a member and as brokenness fills my heart I js wanna say Reynald I love you and I miss you and prayerfully I’ll see on the great get tin’ up morning. by Damon Hendrickson.

Its so shocking when someone who is close to your age dies. I have been very somber today and totally out of it. All of his teammates are looking forward to be reunited with Reynald in Heaven.

credit goes to Julian Lettsome for this photo


Acro-Airs before an Atlanta Hawks Halftime
Cheer-n-Gym Cheerleading Camp
CUC Acro-Airs perform for the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden


My Relationship with BMI

This past Friday I had a Dr. appointment to establish a Primary Care Physician (PCP). The nurse had me step on the scale and I weighed in at 216.5 lbs, she also asked me for my height which was 73.5 inches. Now I have never really considered myself to be overweight, but according to my Body Mass Index (BMI) score of  28.2 I’m borderline Obese.  Yes, I could lose a few pounds, but according to the BMI scales I would have to lose 30 pounds to considered healthy weight. To me that seems a bit extreme. I would be happy to get back down to 200 pounds. I never really worried about my weight in college and when I first started teaching. Because I would play basketball, flag football, volleyball, golf,  tumble and base pyramids. My weight has been typically between 200 and 205, but now that my activity level has significantly decreased since I stopped teaching Physical Education, running Intramural programs, and coaching. It has led to my recent weight  increase.  I have tried gyms and other types of activities but dedicating time to it is very challenging for me. Since my doctor visit  have decided its time to rededicate myself to increasing my activity levels and watching my calorie intake.

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spring 2008
Spring 2002
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Spring 2010
March 2012
fall 2004

I realize I have lost some muscle tone and the flexibility I did have is disappearing. I would like to return to my former self. I want to stay dedicated this time. Only time will tell!!!