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Playing on the Playground

I found this article to be interesting:


What do you think? Are kids today over protected or is it just right?

I remember back in elementary school our playground equipment was not the best, but we had the basics. We had a set of swings, monkey bars, and slides. I had the greatest time hanging upside down like a bat, and swinging and sliding like crazy. We didn’t have to many rules, other then staying where our teachers could still see us. Pretty simple. One time I did fall off the monkey bars and hit my head on a piece of concrete sticking out of the ground. I survived the event with just a little scar and a memory.

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Do you remember any of this playground equipment? I had so much fun on all of these things!!! We just had to be a little more creative with our play.


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Are Some People Just Never Happy

While working my shift at the airport the other day. My coworker and I were already dealing with a deal on our present flight. We than received a phone call telling us our evening flight was going to be cancelled. When this occurs our morning flight is cancelled as well. We looked up contact information for our passengers for that morning flight. We noticed that one particular gentleman would miss all of his connecting flights if he was re-booked to a  later flight that day. We called him to see if he could possible fly to Denver this particular afternoon and spend the night to catch his connecting flight to his final destination. He comes rushing into our tiny airport and was in a major tizzy. Telling us how major inconvenienced he was going to be by this change.  How he had spent to much money on this trip so far. How he had been arguing with his wife about money. How he didn’t want to pay for his luggage. How his son would have to spend 3 hours by himself while someone came to pick him up from the airport.  He just wasn’t happy about all of this. We kept explaining to him how that if he didn’t fly out today he would miss all of his connecting flights and would have to most likely spend an extra day here in our small town. We gave him vouchers for a hotel in Denver, food vouchers for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. So, I really don’t get what he was complaining about. I don’t know if he is just a planner and one his plans go awry he just gets all bent out of shape. Its people like that make customer service difficult. I mean we try to help the man out but yet he still complained and complained. I guess some people are never happy.