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Small Town Life – Air Force Space Command

Today I needed to call a number I never had called before. I’m usually pretty good with this but let’s blame this one on pregnancy brain, ok?


So I dial.

“This is Air Force Space Command. General (somebody) speaking.” IN THE MOST ED HARRIS VOICE EVER!!!!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! “Ummmm… I’m looking for Dr. Peterson of the Foot and Ankle Clinic?”

He was not some lowly secretary answering phones at the civilian contact office. This was a GENERAL who’s direct line I had happened upon.”This is Air Force Space Command. You definitely have the wrong number!” images (10)


But to me it sounded like, “Breach! National Security! Someone GPS this lady and send out those awesome black unmarked SUV’s to pick her up and interrogate her!”

“Sorry?” I hung up red faced and walked out to make sure we weren’t being drone struck.

I dialed one wrong number of 10 and that was it. I was in contact images (9)with exactly who we need if the bad Transformers ever attack or Loki gets out of his handcuffs. 
images (8)

I got your backs, people!


Watch “Fix Your Grammar” on YouTube

The wifey posted this on her Facebook page.

Now, when it comes to grammar, I’m far from perfect. But these puppets made me laugh.

I have never really been great when it comes to grammar and writing. It drives wifey NUTS. Whenever I had to write something, I would always run to her for help. She would make me sound good on paper.

Today, I read an article on the front page of our local paper. It talked about a crime that was committed and that the criminal fled the “seen”. I may now know all the ins and outs when it comes to grammar, spelling and writing, but I do know the difference between”seen” and “scene”.