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Fun With Sparklers…

For our Saturday night fun I had the girls play with some Sparklers, which were  leftover from the 4th. I was able to take some Long Exposure shots of them spinning and twirling around. I even jumped in on the fun. We had such a great time!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

fun with sparklers8 flat
This one was me wanting to get in on the action!!!

fun with sparklers flat fun with sparklers2 flat fun with sparklers3 flat fun with sparklers4 flat fun with sparklers5 flat fun with sparklers6 flat fun with sparklers7 flat I like the ghostly effect of the girls in some of the pictures.

Little Dare Devils…

Last summer I purchased jump ropes for the girls. They didn’t last long as jump ropes. Their little imaginations turned them into tree climbing ropes and rope swings. They wanted me to tie the rope to a branch so they could swing on it. Who am I to deny them that pleasure. My family would spend Saturday afternoons in the woods looking for vines to swing on. We wanted to get are inner Tarzan on. It was so much fun. Of course the swinging continued this summer. The girls wanted to attach a stick to help them hold on as they swung. Of course mid swing the stick broke causing the 5 year old to fall and cry a little, but she got right back up and wanted to go again. That’s my girl!!!!

abby swinging flat abby swinging sepia flat cate swinging B&W flat

Our Saturday Afternoon

Wifey, Auntie C and I took our kids to the Sand Dunes for some sand boarding. It was a lot of fun and the kids got sand in places they didn’t even knew they had. Wifey and I did take our turn at sand boarding and we each had a blast. We are still getting sand out. Its a great way to spend an afternoon.

abby and sebi boarding flat
Auntie C and her Boys and our 5 year old
cate sand dunes summer flat
our 3 year old chilling in the sand
kids and auntie C flat
Auntie C sand boarding along with kiddos
cousin teamwork flat
cousins working together
davey and abby boarding flat
first runs of the afternoon
sebi sand boarding flat
the oldest of the cousins
sand Dunes summer b&w flat
sand dunes in summer
sand Dunes in summer1 flat
sand dunes in summer
sand dunes summer cooling filter flat
sand dunes in summer with a cooling filter
sand Dunes summer flat
Sand Dunes in summer

All the World is a Stage…

This afternoon I was treated to a stage show by our five year old. It was really cute to see her create a story with princess magnets. Oh I just love the imagination of this child.

Our next stage will be a cardboard box with a window cut into it, and some curtains.


A captivated audience


Snow White who lives in a Snow house and who is searching for love.


A bad guy coming to take people away.


A young girl waiting for her prince


Fun in the Mud

Our land lords are currently repairing the sprinkler system for the house.  So, our backyard is a complete mess. It’s just dirt with a few patches of grass. Our task is to have a luscious green yard by the end of summer. Our daughters will be completely disappointed, because they love to make mud with just a little water and dirt. I was testing out the sprinklers today, and I created a mud wonderland for them. They were thoroughly entertained.

abby facial expression flat
Her Joyful Expression
cate mud pies flat
Making Mud Pies
cate splashing in puddle flat
Splashing Through the Mud
abby splashing in puddle flat
Making a Big Splash
cate in puddle flat
Taking a Mud Bath