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ARGGGG Me Matey’s

birthday crew flat
March 1, March 2, and March 7

The first week of March is filled with birthday’s galore in our family. Our two daughters and their cousin. They are March 1, 2 and 7 respectively. So, yesterday we had a combined birthday party for all three. Recently our girls have gotten into watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  So, they requested a pirate birthday party. It actually was a lot of fun with a Treasure Chest Pinata filled with Chocolate gold coins, balloon swords, face painting, tattoos, and CAKE!!! Check out other cake creations by Grammy Sue at her blog. The party sucked all the energy out of me and wifey, but it was totally worth it. Our girls and their friends had a total blast.

abby face paint flat

abby ink flat
Showing off her Tattoo
abby loot flat
Checking out her Loot!!!
cate butterfly flat
Beautiful Butterfly
mommy pirate falt
The Brains behind the party and a Face painter too!!!
pirate grandma flat
A Granny Pirate!!!
the pirate crew flat
The Pirate Crew!!!
tristian flat
A Baby Pirate
birthday cake flat
The Pirate Ship Cake
birthday cake2 flat
Yummy Cake by Grammy Sue!!!
treasure chest macro flat
Pirate Treasure
sinking ship flat
A Pirate Ship Wreckage!!!
swashbucklers flat
The Swashbuckling Pirates!!!

sam doughnut flat

BLT – The prettiest bouquet ever

Truth – I love bacon. I eat turkey bacon because it’s healthier and I’m a bit religious. No pig products in this house. It’s a little Jewish, I know. I’m not Jewish. However, turkey bacon makes me all happy and as Valentines day is coming and Andy had to do a savory eatable assignment for photography, we set up this awesome shot. Baked turkey bacon (bake it rolled with on skewers), put on flower arrangement card holders and tomatoes and lettuce to garnish. It’s awesome and yummy. Now that the shoot is over, we are crisping up the bacon and I’m going to pig out while he puts it all in the computer. Yummy!!!!!!!!!

Truth: I could never be or work for a food photographer. I’m compelled not to let anything go to waste so I’d be eating all the subject matter and no doubt tip the scales at a quite hefty weight before to long… – the wifey

Bacon Roses flat
A Dozen Bacon Roses
bacon rose spot color B&W flat
My first attempt at Spot Coloring a Black and White Photo
bacon roses duotone flat
A Bouquet of Roses Black and White Duotone

Voo Doo Doughnuts

While traveling in and around Portland, OR this past weekend we had the pleasure to experience Voo Doo Doughnut. My wife discovered this place via the Food Network. So, we just had to go. I have to tell it they were probably the best doughnuts I have ever had. We stood in line for about 30-40 minutes but they it was well worth the wait. It just happened to be National Doughnut day when we visited, so I’m sure that added to the masses. However, I’m told that the lines are pretty long no matter what day you visit. The shop has a good variety of doughnuts to choose from the classic to some really crazy ones.  They even have Vegan Doughnuts!!! So, if you are ever in the Portland area, Voo doo must be on your to do list.

The Masses on National Doughnut Day
doughnut box flat
They even come in a pink box
pink doughnut flat
Just feeling a little artsy with this photo
voo doo doll doughnut flat
A voo doo doll with a pretzel stake. This is one of the crazy ones although you need to check out there menu for some of the even crazier ones.
voo doo sign flat
Their sign
coffin full of doughnuts flat
good for any occasion